APT Week One

It's finally here! This week marks the first week of our six week blog tour for Mary DeMuth's latest book, Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture. When Mary first asked me to coordinate her tour, I was excited not only to help my dear friend, but because I'm fascinated by this marketing technique. I enlisted the expert help of Marcus Goodyear to track and measure the tour's effectiveness. I'm sure he'll be posting some of our lessons learned, as will I. Please be sure to join us in this adventure. I'd love any feedback or questions you have along the way.

You can always find general information about the tour, including links to the other bloggers (and a link to buy Mary's book!) in the right sidebar. I'll be posting a review of the book later today or tomorrow.

Okay, off we go!


L.L. Barkat said...

Why, have a great trip. :)

relevantgirl said...

Thanks so much for what you've done here, Tina. THANK YOU!!!