I'm a terrible mother...

I just held my daughter until she fell asleep and then put her down for a nap. No, she wasn't "sleepy, but still awake". She was fast asleep, out cold, konked out. And it's not like I never do that. It happens. Fairly often.
I also forgot to give her a bath this morning, which means she has now gone two days without getting in the tub. Surely, she can't be that dirty, right? I mean, she's not even crawling.
I pick her up when she cries. I hate hearing her cry.
If she doesn't want to take a nap, I don't make her.
I've dropped a cell phone on her head before. Hey, they told me that you get a couple free passes before it's really considered child abuse! It's not like I meant to do it.
I have dozed off a few times while laying on the floor with her playing on her Baby Einstein mat.
I let her watch Days of our Lives with me.
I don't always wash off her "Mr. Bink" when it falls on the floor.
I've let the dog lick her. Granted, sometimes I stop her...but sometimes I don't.
I have yet to leave her in the nursery at church. Yes, she's six months old. I'm just not ready yet.

I get really paranoid every once in a while that I'm not teaching her the right things because everyone around me so freely gives their "advice". But I love her the best way I know how. And I have to hope that she'll turn out okay, despite my being a terrible mother.