Saturday Quote

"Every human is created in God's image, with spiritual, intellectual, creative, relational and moral capacities, and therefore cannot be satisfied with today's superficiality, whether in faith or in culture. This explains our universal longing. Today, religions and irreligious alike face the lose-lose proposition of both a superficial culture and a superficial faith." - Dick Staub, The Culturally Savvy Christian



L.L. Barkat said...

And yet the superficial must have some essence of the real to pull us in, yes? Otherwise, would we not all just go for the real, the deep, the right?

spaghettipie said...

LL - yes, it must have the appearance of it, but there's not much left after that (oh wait, is that the definition of superficial?) and so we're left feeling dissatisfied. I think it's even kind of like your post about the violet violets. It looks similar to something real, but it's not.