Something really strange is happening at my house. In fact, if I tell you about it, I’m not even sure you’ll believe me. And I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares or make you afraid to be alone in your house because if it could happen to me...it could happen to you.

Grab your security blanket, ‘cause here goes: I could do every load of laundry waiting for me - I mean, every stitch of clothing - and have it waiting to be folded, still warm from the dryer...and another load (or two!) will magically appear. Isn’t that disturbing?? How in the world does that happen? It’s a spooky mystery to me.

If you find out how to rid my house of these laundry gnomes, please let me know.


Charity Singleton said...

I live alone, even, and I am always amazed at the efficiency of the launrdy gnomes! Let's send them all away. Or teach them to actually do the laundry instead of just piling it up!

Llama Momma said...

If you find a way to rid yourself of the gnome, you'll make millions.

I think I just need "Alice" to move into my house. (Remember Brady bunch?)

spaghettipie said...

Charity - it's just crazy, isn't it? I'm all for training them to do the laundry; one less thing I have to do around the house.

LM - I could, I could. That'd be one way to break into writing! Oh, wouldn't Alice be so nice to have around? (humming the theme song now...and probably will the rest of the night. thanks.)