Odds and Ends

Just a couple random thoughts today, and maybe I’ll write a more coherent or meaningful blog later.

1) I love my new Mac. I’m still getting used to it, and being nerdy taking the tutorials online, but I already love it. It really does open up a whole new world of possibilities for my creative energy.

2) You would’ve laughed at me this afternoon if you had seen me sneaking around my house. I was hiding in blind spots, running through the kitchen passed the windows and crawling behind the couch to get to the other room without being seen. By whom? The dog. She’s outside because she is wet and muddy and I’m too lazy to clean her up. But the problem is when she knows that we are home and she’s not with us, she barks. And barks. And whines. And did I say barks? Since M is taking a nap, I didn’t want her raising a ruckus and waking her up...so I snuck around my own house. Pathetic, I know.

3) I hate it when I go to read my Bible and I just cannot concentrate. What is that all about? I curled up yesterday with the Word, looking forward to a time of refreshment as I studied my passage for the day (I’m reading through Matt 1-28 for Lent) and I could not stay focused. I must’ve read the Sermon on the Mount four times before I gave up. I was very disappointed. At least today was better.


L.L. Barkat said...

glad today was better. sometimes our minds just want to find God in a different way than reading, yes? (even if we intend to go the reading route, in our conscious decision)

spaghettipie said...

I totally agree with you. I've been mulling over a post that includes some similar thoughts to that. I'll add it soon.