ode to the wonderful facade

the world without great music
is like a mouth without its voice,
or cereal without milk,
or a bored toddler without toys.

the consequence would be as bad
as forgetting to tie loose ends
or suddenly realizing all i've missed
by deleting Tom from my friends.

so if you're needing a suggestion
i'm right behind you with a few
like the wonderful facade
coming to a coffee shop near you

and so your story goes on
and i've got one song left to name,
so i'll just say it for you, here it goes
it's driving through the rain.

all of my love,
TWF Fan Club 2006

Check out our friends at http://www.myspace.com/thewonderfulfacade

Photo: The Wonderful Facade at Starbucks, 2006

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Anonymous said...

The Wonderful Facade broke up. More wreckage in Matt Van Y's life. Sadness.