Kids sleep with the darndest things...(updated 12-31-06)

My daughter has gone to sleep with (actually refused to put them down) the following items in the past month:

1. Her stuffed dog. Sometimes more than one of them.

2. The Fishes and Loaves. It's a foam puzzle piece from a book that she has. Sometimes she wants to sleep with a dog and the fishes and loaves. Sometimes just the fishes and loaves.

3. A Plastic Snack cup with lid. Who knows why. She was playing with it right before bed and then refused to put it down.

4. Her cup of water. Maybe she's afraid she will get thirsty in the middle of the night and wants it handy. What stinks is when she holds it upside down and it slowly drips water out all over the place.

5. A puffin on a stick. A wooden push toy that has about a 3 foot long stick attached to an awkard hunk of wood shaped like a sea bird. She actually fell asleep holding onto it and released her grip. I gently eased it out of her hand. She woke a few minutes later and screamed bloody murder until she got it back. She then clutched it with an iron grip. Fortunately, I was able to wiggle it out of her hand before putting her in the crib.

6. Her baby. It's a soft, sweet, cuddly baby doll. Only problem is, it rattles.

7. Jesus. My husband informed me that she has also gone to sleep with Jesus. Not the real Jesus. Well, of course, the real Jesus every night, but I'm referring to another foam piece from the book. I think she prefers the fishes and loaves, though.

8. The letters "M" and "U". Added to the list today. She was playing with her Fridgephonics letters and decided to hold onto those two for nap time. I can assume M for M, but I'm not quite sure where the U comes in.

What about your kids?

Photo: Snuggle time, 2006

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