promises, promises

Okay, I hate to not deliver on something I mentioned, but I'm just not going to get that next blog on community up this week. I've got it in the works, but it's not finished. With Mary's Blog Tour beginning next week and trying to find a better balance between my family and writing, I can't get to it.

Sorry for the delay. But I'll at least leave you with some fireworks.
Happy Friday!




Oh, a big one! (As my daughter said)


Photos: Fireworks shot off by various neighbors of the family who hosted our church 4th of July party (2007)

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"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

I'll extend you some leeway on the community posting b/c I know that it will be fantastic whenever you get the chance to post it. Wish I had gone to the church's 4th of July celebration; those fireworks look fun!