Here's a recap of all the blogs who participate in the tour last week.
5 Minutes for Mom -”After reading the book, I realize that my parenting has already embraced some of these changes. I’m sure that if I keep my mind and heart open, I will continue to evolve with the culture in some ways, while remaining steadfast in areas which I know that the Lord would not want me to change or compromise.”

Christian Preschool Printables-(quote from an interview with Mary)"Every pre-school parent can absolutely prepare their children for the future by loving them firmly, establishing boundaries, and walking and talking with their kids, establishing a great relationship."

Christian Work at Home Moms-"This book is a great introduction to the thinking found in our ever-changing world and Mary's open and honest parenting advice is a breath of fresh air." Jill also posted an audio interview with Mary on July 17th.

Getting Real-(quote from interview with Mary)"The greatest challenge? For parents to deliberately take time to consider their role as soul-nurturers of their children. How do we nurture souls? A lot of time together."

Good Word Editing-"There’s a strong element of this book that functions as a memoir for Mary. She tells wonderful stories from her experience as a parent, then interprets them for the reader."

Illuminating the Word Through Fiction-"It's a new experience for me to join a blog tour, but it's the least I can do as a fan and as a parent who believes in Absolute Truth."

Radiant Lit-"Mary is amazing - articulate, honest and very authentic."

Simplifying Motherhood-(quote from interview with Mary) "I love this verse: 'But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ' (2 Corinthians 11:3). For me, for my children, that’s my prayer, that we’d be simply and purely devoted to Jesus no matter what worldview we find ourselves in."

Snapshot-(quote from interview with Mary, answering question on how to stay connected as a family)"...make it a point to read to your children. Choose all sorts of books, nonfiction, fiction, picture books, and keep your ears open."

Spaghettipie-"In the book, Mary is not trying to make a statement for or against postmodernism. She’s merely pointing out that postmodernism is the state of the culture we live in. Our children will encounter postmodern thinkers. So, how do we parent in light of that?"

The Journey of Writer Danica Favorite-"I've always loved Mary and her perspective on parenting, because she's not one of those "perfect" moms who get it all right, all the time. However, she is intentional about being the best mom she can and improving all the time."

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