Sudan update

Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying for my husband. He should be on a plane, as I type, headed to Kenya and then on home the following day.

The group had a wonderful trip, and as expected witnessed many amazing things. When I spoke to him briefly today, he sounded energized and very hopeful. The area itself has been fairly tough. According to an update from the trip leader, the area contends with "rampant drunkeness on an incredible scale. And we’re not talking about having a few beers, I’m talking Sorghum moonshine that makes a crazy, eyes roll back in your head drunk." Additionally the team has faced a strong resistance the Gospel, and did a lot of prayer walking and praying over the sick.

Many more stories and updates to come. Thanks again for your prayers; they have definitely been felt.


A Musing Mom said...

Good to hear.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

I know you have missed him. I can't wait to hear all the amazing stories!

spaghettipie said...

AMM - Thanks for stopping by!
BITS - Yes, I've missed him a ton and can't wait until he gets home. Perhaps we'll have some people over to hear from of the stories...I'll be sure to let ya know.