Radio Commentary

On my way to and from a meeting tonight, I heard a few things on the radio that require comments.

1) You cannot use the word "mall" in a rock song. It totally threw me off to hear the singer talk about seeing a girl he used to love "at the mall."

2) Since when did country music start crossing over so much? I mean, just because you put a funky beat to it or add some electric guitar riffs, does not mean it is fit for a non-country station. I'm afraid you just can't take the "country" out of country music. There's a reason I have no country music stations preset on my radio.

3) Okay, this one is for my local friends. Dawson McAllister on 106.1? Seriously? For those of you non-locals, 106.1 is the radio station that plays Top 40, hip-hop/pop music like Fergie, Timbaland and maybe a little Daughtry. The weekday evening program usually features such deep call-in topics like "Are you hot?" and "Kiss and tell." I suppose it's a good thing...but very odd.


Sars said...

I was also listening to Dawson and had the same thought. What in the world?

Craver Vii said...

So you are not yet a country fan. You have not yet moved past the Southern drawl into the clever lyrics and fantastic musicianship? (sigh) Kids these days...

spaghettipie said...

S - It just doesn't seem to fit, does it?

C - I'm a fan of "old" country - George, Reba...somehow, the words: "When I was sixteen, All of my dreams, Revolved around one thing, All I wanted was a car, All I wanted was a car" (Brad Paisley, "All I wanted was a car") just don't strike me as lyrical genius.