Christmas Pranks

It all started last year when we hosted a white elephant exchange at our house for all of the small groups in our lifestage. Everyone had a great time, laughing and talking. After the last guest left, we were picking up the house and commenting on what an enjoyable party it was when we began to find the white elephant gifts the two couples in our small group had "won". Lo and behold, all four gifts were hidden in various places in our house - the freezer, the kitchen cabinet, outside on the porch...turns out they had made a pact with each other that no one was leaving with their gift.

So we were smarter this year. We didn't host a white elephant exchange. And we weren't going to host our small group Christmas party. But we did plan a Christmas party (like we usually do), and we did invite our small group. Our mistake. We should've known to keep an eye on their every move. Fortunately, only one of the couples came. But they came armed - with about 8 nutcracker men, 1 funny santa and 2 of those silly Christmas flags that people hang outside their houses (and that's at least what we've found so far). I actually started noticing them before they even left and tried to give some back. I'm not sure how many they actually took home with them and how many were re-hidden. Those crazy kids. I actually love it that we have that type of relationship. But you do know we have to get them back...

So for all of you creative pranksters out there, I need your help! What are your suggestions for getting them back?

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