My friend Michelle (who is amazing at keeping up with writing blogs) happened to take note of the fact that I hadn't written a blog in a long time. True, true. I have been busy, but the real reason probably lies in the fact that I am a little intimidated by bloggers. I feel like I have to have something important to say, that I am intentionally trying to convey with words. And if I can't get the words together in my head, then I don't bother. Since I would love to be a professional writer one day, I feel like anything I post has to be really good (not trying to say my posts are that good, just explaining the mental obstacle I have).

But I started thinking about what I love about Michelle's blogs. She just writes what she's thinking about that day, what she's experiencing, what she's feeling. Many times she ends in a great point or application, but I'm not convinced she always starts out trying to make that point (and sometimes she doesn't really have a point at all...). So anyway, I'm going to try to follow her example and just write about where I am. I think it will be carthatic for me and will definitely help me with my writing skills to be more disciplined. And perhaps it will help me process my life and find more lessons and opportunity for growth than I am currently missing. So, thanks, Michelle. This one's for you.

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Ricardo said...

that is the beauty of blogs. you can write whatever you want without having to make a point. without asking for someone to publish it. This is the free speach. you don't have t make a point. you just have to feel good with what you wrote